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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to register in the mobile application "eKesco"?

The eKesco mobile application can be downloaded at:

On Android (PlayStore), iPhone(AppStore), looking for eKesco. After downloading, register by filling in your details: Code, name and surname, phone number and your e-mail. The customer can register more than one meter in one account. For more detailed information on registering and using the eKesco mobile app, you can download the eKesco manual.

At the address: you can find a more detailed manual about using the application.

How can I be notified in advance of planned outages?

We strive to provide as much advance notice as possible and will usually provide at least 24 hours' notice before any planned power outage. To receive information on planned power outages, you can register in the "eKesco" application. The eKesco application gives you detailed information about network works, for each city, locality, and neighborhood.

App Store:


Which are methods of payment of electricity bill ?

KESCO J.S.C offers many methods to pay electricity bills:

  • Through our webpage, Pay online
  • Cash Offices of KESCO.
  • Kosovo Post.
  • Application eKesco, where payments can be done with all local and international cards Visa and Master Card.
  • Commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions
  • Further information about payments can also be found in the Bill and Payment section of the KESCO website. 
How do I make a request/ complaint in KESCO?

All existing customers who need various electricity services from KESCO sh.a., can appear at the Customer Care counters, specifying their request or complaint, as follows:

Step  1-    Apply at Customer Service counters or download the form.
Step 2-     Fill in the customer information in the above form (Step 1)
Step  3-    Put the sign (click on the shaded square) to specify the type of complaint or request as described on the form.
Step  4-    Make a note of any information that may help you to consider your application / request more fairly.
Step  5-    Sign the form and set the date.
Step  6-    Submit the form at the nearest KESCO counter. During the delivery, the official at the counter will give you a reference number, which proves that you have made a request / complaint.

Customers can also submit requests or complaints regarding electricity services via email:; Call Center, eKesco app or official Facebook page.

Request for reconnection, after disconnection because of debt created

The customer must make a request for reconnection in the Customer Department to the licensed supplier (see suppliers). Based on ERO Regulation no. 09/2017 for disconnection and reconnection of customers in the energy sector, in Chapter VI and Article 23, the deadlines and conditions for reconnection are declared to be:

The energy company will re-connect the disconnected customer facility no later than 24 hours after the re-connection conditions are met. If, for any technical reason, the client cannot be reconnected within the time limit described above, the customer may submit the request through the Call Center or Customer Care Office.

When is electricity cheaper and when more expensive?

Retail electricity tariffs are regulated and approved by the Energy Regulatory Office. The existing daily tariff structure consists of high tariff (TL) and low tariff (TU).

The time of using the high tariff from October 1 to March 31 is from hour 07:00 to 22:00, while from April 1 to September 30 is from hour 08:00 to 23:00.  For more view electricity tariffs here.

Can I pay the electricity bill through e-banking services at the bank I operate with, even if the contract with KESCO is not in my name (eg, parent or landlord bill)?

You can make payments through these services if you have made an agreement with the bank with which you operate. All you have to do is fill in the correct information requested from you at the time of payment (customer code or reference number which is written at the bottom of the bill / invoice).

I paid the wrong electricity bill, how can I fix the problem? (error in figure / code, error in description, etc.)

In case of errors during the payment of electricity bills, we suggest you to visit the Customer Care counters at KESCO in your respective district, to submit a request for correction of the error related to the payment.

In case of payment through non-banking financial institutions, please contact the relevant institution where the payment was made. If the payment was made incorrectly through the mobile application "eKesco", we suggest you write to us at e-mails: or file a complaint at the Customer Care counters at KESCO

Why do we have to pay the fixed fee (tariff)?

Fixed tariff is set by the Energy Regulatory Office and is a tariff set to cover administrative costs and services, such as: Reading, billing, bill distribution, customer account maintenance, etc.

I can't log in to the eKesco app. What should I do?

In cases where you have already created an account in eKesco, but you have forgotten your password or you cannot log in for other reasons, please send an email to:, by clearly explaining your problem.

Our Call Center agents can also help you in case you encounter such problems. Whichever way you contact us, we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How do I make a suggestion, a compliment or a complaint about the services provided by KESCO staff?

To make a suggestion, acknowledgment or complaint about the services provided, you can submit it by filling out the relevant form and placing it in the suggestion boxes across all KESCO districts / subdistricts. You can also make a suggestion or complaint through eKesco app.

Do you take provisioning during online payments of electricity bills?

KESCO company does not take the provision during the online payment of electricity bills. In case of takings, please contact your bank.

I am a social case and I can not pay the bill. How should I act?

All customers who receive services from KESCO are obliged to fulfill their obligations to the company. However, in certain cases, categories such as social cases are regulated by legislation by local institutions.

For this purpose, KESCO works closely with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to implement subsidies for social case categories, according to lists established by the relevant ministry. For any information related to social cases, consumers should contact the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Where can I find information about the electricity bill?

The electricity bill is physically submitted every month to the address that is specified in the electricity supply contract.

According to Article 28 of the Rules on General Conditions of Electricity Supply, point 4 states: ‘’ Invoices must be sent to the customer address specified in the supply contract.

"If the address is not specified or is specified incorrectly, or incompletely, or if the customer is no longer at the specified address, the supplier will make the shipment to the physical location where the energy was used."

Another opportunity to receive the electricity bill is through the eKesco application, the official request via e-mail or other online platforms that are at the service of customers.

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