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Existing customers

KESCO is fully committed to meet your needs in energy consumption

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As an existing customer, you may have different requirements and we are constantly working to offer you the best and most suitable solutions for you. To submit different types of applications to KESCO, follow these steps:

  1. Show up at Customer Service counters. You can fill out the application form in advance and bring it completed.
  2. Check the box to specify the type of request / complaint, as described on the form.
  3. Make a note of any information that may help you to consider your application more fairly.
  4. Sign the form and set the date.
  5. Submit the form at the nearest KESCO counter. During the delivery, the counter at the counter will give you a reference number, which proves that you have made a request / complaint.
  6. The deadline for reviewing the complaint will be 30 calendar days but will not exceed the deadline of 3 months from the date of receipt and registration of the complaint for more complex cases.

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