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Sustainability and commitment

KESCO is committed to encourage the best practices for sustainability, by being dedicated and continually improving our performance

We are a modern, customer-oriented company committed to meet the needs of customers for electricity through the latest technology. For a sustainable energy future, we will continue contributing to the harmonization and prioritization of renewable energy projects and the creation of favorable conditions for customers in order for us to remain their favorite supplier.

Our aspirations are to keep the epithet of the company that supplies energy for economic and social development, strenghtening energy efficiency and by adapting and staying as close as possible to our customers.

  • Customers: Ensuring a stable, secure and affordable supply for the citizens of Kosovo;
  • Efficiency: Dedicated to providing high quality services;
  • Safety: The main priority - the well-being of employees and the general public;
  • Company qualities: To serve customers and third parties with devotion, ethics and respect.;
  • Customer orientation: To increase the value of our customers by responding to their needs and exceeding their expectations.

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