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About us

KESCO - Kosovo Electricity Supply Company, established in January 2015 by the Limak-Çalik consortium, is a company that has the epithet of public electricity supplier in the Republic of Kosovo

The company has about 600,000 customers, while over 200 employees are committed to providing them with the best services, safe and accessible to all.

As an innovative and up-to-date (in step with time) company, we adapt services according to demand. Distributed throughout the country, our services are easily accessible to all customers without distinction.

KESCO counts a total of 38 cash offices that serve for payments and other services. The company also offers electronic payment services and detailed supply information to customers, through the e-Kesco mobile application. The company has electricity payment agreements with all Kosovar banks and money transfer companies, through which customers are provided easy access to services. KESCO also has a Call Center, equipped with the most modern technology, which is available 24/7.

In addition to the primary goal of having a sustainable supply of electricity, the company aims to develop and support society, empowering the role of women in society, in the workplace and making it a key part of decision making. Today we proudly emphasize the equal role that women have in the workplace. While 50% of our staff are women, 90% of women hold leadership positions in company. This makes us the leading company in the country for addressing gender equality.

While today we provide the best services, we think about tomorrow, the future. Development for us is everyday. The customer is a priority. Services are raised when priority is the motivation for development. Therefore, we are confidently continuing our mission as we have promised (commited).

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To offer electricity to each customer with the lowest price possible and the greatest dedication


KESCO has a clear strategy about continuous and quality supply electricity for each customer.

Our values

Serve our customers with devotion, ethics and respect; to empower the role of Kosovar women in energy, and to make a daily contribution to the development of society.


To offer the highest quality services, through the most modern methods, following the technological trends.