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Other projects

KESCO is commited to keep you informed about our projects and ongoing progress in the community

This is because solid connections with the community are among the primary factors of the company’s sustainable success. We already have a clear strategy in terms of contributing to society. The community where we operate remains the ecosystem where our company puts values and contributes for years in different segments.

Since our operation we have started with numerous participations and organizations inside and outside the company. Starting from educational activities, active participation in discussions and round tables, advancement of girls and women in the energy sector and up to more humane activities, such as blood donation, etc.

All these activities are already a tradition in our company.


energy efficiency

KESCO Activities for Electricity Efficiency

KESCO has taken a series of concrete steps and activities to advise consumers to use electricity as efficiently as possible. Efficient use of energy brings lower bills but at the same time contributes to the preservation of the environment. To raise awareness of the community about electricity consumption, KESCO has:

  • Organized lectures on Electricity Efficiency - These lectures were attended by more than 500 primary school students, where the role of electricity was discussed and many tips were given on forms of saving electricity.
  • Has visited customers door to door distributing tips on efficient electricity consumption.
  • Has compiled brochures with savings tips for children, thus making children aware of electricity from a young age

KESCO will continue to organize various campaigns which discuss the efficiency of electricity, so that our customers are as efficient as possible in its use.


KESCO marked the World Smile Day

On World Smile Day, our colleagues have received encouraging messages to start the day with smiles and positivity. This day is marked on October 1 worldwide and this year is also marked at KESCO. 

We all know that laughter prolongs life. This is also supported by a study at the University of London, which says that laughter lowers heart rate and lowers blood pressure, thus relaxing our body.

This year more than ever, humanity has needed smiles, so the lovingly prepared cards that read: "We miss your smile",  made our workers smile in the morning.

KESCO cares about the well-being of its employees, so today more than ever we are close to each other! We wish you all to smile more!

saving bulb

Energy Saving Week

Energy Saving Week starts on January 18 and ends on the 24th of the same month.

This is an international campaign that aims to help all people, reduce electricity bills and raise awareness about saving electricity.

Reducing energy consumption eventually leads to lower bills and can be achieved very easily through the daily actions we take in our homes.

To help our customers do just that, KESCO through various campaigns informs and educates them in this regard.


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