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New customers

Every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo has the right to be supplied with electricity by KESCO.

We offer innovative services, always closely monitoring the requirements of customers, be they new customers, household or commercial.

For detailed information on how to become a new customer or how to apply for a new connection, as well as the general principles on the conditions of connection to the distribution or transmission network, you should refer to:

All applicants, whether domestic or commercial (see below), after meeting the technical conditions for network connection (connection agreement) to be approved by KEDS, must follow the following steps:

  1. The agreement for connection to the network approved by KEDS, must be submitted at our counters, ie at KESCO, as KESCO is responsible for opening the customer account.
  2. A contract for electricity supply is signed between the customer and KESCO.

Once you have signed the supply contract, you become a regular customer of KESCO.

Furthermore, potential and new customers can contact the company through our communication channels and online services available to you.

You can write to us at the official, social networks, at the Call Center or even visit the nearest Customer Care offices.

To get more information about company operation, tariffs, billing and other important information, you can register or create your KESCO account which is the web version of the eKesco mobile application account.


Household costumer

To become a homehold customer and receive our services, you must first apply for a connection to the distribution network, namely KEDS. You can find all the application and proceeding steps on the KEDS website.

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Commercial customer

To become a commercial customer at KESCO and receive our services, you must first apply for connection to the distribution network, namely KEDS. You can find the ways and steps of application for commercial customers on the KEDS website.

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