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Depending on the size, type of boiler, family members, and how long the boiler stays on, according to an average of our savings experts, the boiler in our homes spends from 30 to 50% of the monthly bill during the summer season, and 40 to 60% during the winter season.

This is not valid in those cases when the central heating is also with electricity. For example, for a couple with two children, it means around 20 EUR during the summer season and 25 EUR during the winter.

To save electricity, but also your pocket, our experts recommend:

  • Leave the boiler on overnight, exactly after 22:00 (low fee during winter).
  • During the day turn on the boiler only as needed.
  • Make sure that the boiler in your home is not too old and is as functional as possible.
  • Minimize the use of hot water in the kitchen or bathroom sink.
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