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According to the approximate estimates of our savings experts, the largest consumption of electricity in our homes or apartments during the winter season is central heating with electricity, with around 60% to 70% of the total amount of your monthly bill. The programmed central heaters have the option to limit the temperature through the thermostat, but a large number do not have the option to regulate the temperature over different time intervals, in different spaces.

Such a modification can be done with a small investment that could save a lot in terms of the amount of energy spent, but also the financial value of your monthly bill. Doing this little investment, we would prevent:

  • Heating to high and unnecessary temperatures
  • Heating of certain spaces where there is no need
  • Heating at certain times/intervals, when we do not need it
  • Unnecessary energy consumption
  • High monthly bills.

These are the modifications you can make to your heating system, as well as the concrete benefits of these modifications.

  1. Install a timer (wifi, digital or mechanical) in your central furnace, so that your furnace switches off completely when you do not need it. You can do this at short intervals at night or even a large part of the day when you are not at home.
  2.  Replace (add one more) the temperature regulator in the central furnace with a regulator that can control the temperature at different intervals. The same with the first one, but now you can leave the furnace on, but with a completely controlled or minimum temperature (wifi or digital regulator).
  3. Replace valves (conventional or quantitative valves) on your radiators with room temperature-controlled valves so that you have different temperatures in different rooms (living room, hallways, and bedrooms do not always need the same temperature).

Given the aspects of low and high tariffs, each of us if we’re dedicated and do the modifications above will be able to have comfortable heating and at the same time save up to 30% of electricity.

How can we operate with such a mechanism?

If you program the temperature of your certain spaces according to the set time, taking into account the day-night tariffs, still trying to have a comfortable temperature in the space where you stay, you will be able to save over 30% of your monthly expenses for heating.

Bonus tips

  • A comfortable room temperature during winter is predicted to be 18 to 21 degrees.
  • Keep your radiators or heaters at a constant temperature and do not use them in rooms or offices where you don’t need them.
  • Keep the doors of your room or office closed to store heat.
  • Before going to bed, lower the temperature of the thermostat, because it is healthier and you will save electricity.


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