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Our employees are our greatest strength. With their unyielding dedication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are close to the customer by offering the services that better their lives.

Our employess are committed to fulfilling the company's mission and vision in the best way possible.

Thus, istead of simply looking for simple solutions we are making the best choices by employing the right people. KESCO’s employees are experts at their fileds and they are willing to cooperate with colleagues and customers alike.

KESCO is committed to diversity in the workplace as well as to ensuring equal employment opportunities. 50% of our staff are women, while 90% of women have leadership positions in the company. This makes us a leading company in the country for addressing gender equality.

Our work ethic makes us a unique company. We are commited to building the best possible relationships with colleagues, pursuing innovation, and performing every task with professionalism and the highest quality.

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