KESCO dedication for occupational safety and environmental protection

For KESCO occupational safety and environmental protection has a particular importance, but also it is their responsibility to provide security primarily for itself, colleges, contractors and all the citizens.  

We prove our dedication for safety in these ways:

  • We continuously seek various forms for improvement and advancement of performance of occupational safety and environmental protection. 
  • We permanently treat KESCO employees from the aspect of occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • In all the companies planning, programs and activities we include also the occupational safety and environmental protection, as well as.
  • We create transparent and constructive relations with employees of contracting companies, as well as with other customers.      

KESCO provides instructions and advices on how to protect yourselves from hazards that can be caused from electricity. It is important to know how to live, learn, work and play safe in all the places where the electricity is present.


Safety for children outside the house

Substations, poles and electricity cables may be attractive for children, but it is very important for children to know the risks that can be posed, playing near these devices. 
The electricity, if not touched, is not dangerous, but it can be even fatal, if you come in contact with it.
If you are playing outside, never near the electrical equipments, such as: substations, poles and electrical cables.  


Never play games with a ball near a substation or electric pole. If you drop a ball or something else inside the substation fences, then:  

  • Call us at our phone numbers and we will come and pick them up, as soon as possible;
  • Never try to pick them up by yourselves, even if it seems quite easy;
  • Never try to pull them with any kind of mean, even with a birch.

Electric poles

When playing, you should be careful and check weather the electrical poles are near, if yes, then avoid playing near by.

  • Never attempt to climb a tree over which electrical cables are passing by;
  • Never throw things in electric poles and do not play with paper airplanes or flyers near electric poles. Electricity can affect you even without touching it, therefore the electric poles present hazard even when you are near them.

If any toy, flyer, or paper airplane is hanging on the electric pole, then:

  • Get away and do not touch the string or connector;
  • Do not remove the string from conductors of electric poles;
  • Be considerate to the others around;
  • Call our phone numbers and we will remove it. If the string hangs on the pole, then other children could get hurt, and may even endanger life;
  • During the storm, if you cannot get in, then lie down. If possible get into a pit. The most important thing to keep in mind during the storm is to avoid high trees, high buildings and metallic ones.

Safety of children from household appliances

Electricity is everywhere your home, therefore it is very important to be careful. When using some electrical appliance or toy, be careful:
Do not insert fingers or anything else, except the head of electrical cable into electrical plug; 

  • When you remove the cable from the plug do not pull it, pull the head that is inserted into the plug;
  • Do not use electrical equipments, such as hair dryer, various heaters etc. when you are wet, your hands are wet, or you are in the water;
  • Limit the number of devices connected to a plug. An overloaded circuit present hazard from fire. Many cables connected in one circuit would overheat it and it could easily cause the fire;
  • Look around if there are plugs and damaged cables. Do not touch them, inform an adult;
  • If you see any electrical equipment or cable caught in fire, do not throw water on it. Notify an adult, he will try to extinguish the fire with fire extinguish cylinders that are located in your building, or call the fire department to report the incident and get out of there immediately ;
  • It is impossible to know whether an electrical cable is connected or disconnected. Never touch if you are not sure if it is out of the plug.

From a young age we are taught to heat that electricity is dangerous, so we must be careful and attentive
Contact your electrician, if:

  • The fuses of the house are in defect or circuit breakers are switched off continuously;
  • An unusual burning smell coming from any electrical equipment;
  • If any noise coming from a light bulb, plug or other electrical equipment;
  • When you feel like a puncture of needle in your hand when touching an electrical;
  • When electrical bulbs are on and off automatically at the same time.

Guidelines for home security

  • Never touch the plug, circuit breaker or any other electrical equipment with wet hands;
  • Stop the operation and remove the equipment from the plug when you want to check or clean it;
  • Avoid using the adapters and never insert an adapter into another;
  • If you plug a cable, be sure that it is plugged properly and in the correct plug;
  • Regularly check the electrical equipments. See if overheated, contact loss and corrosion. 
  • Equipments and plugs that have the contacts not sealed properly can cause burns and fire; 
  • Make sure that the curtains and furnishings are away from heaters;
  • Make sure, especially if the heater are with regulator of the temperature. These kinds of heaters can be activated even when you are outdoor;
  • Never leave things on the heater;
  • If you have electrical quilt, make sure that you have acted according to instructions for use. Do not use it when wet, or when it is folded or wrinkled;
  • Do not use electrical equipments in the garden when it rains;
  • Call an electrician if you need any repair;
  • Check if electrical cables are damaged. Do not repair them; instead replace them with new ones. Home repairs are usually common source of arson;
  • Use extension cables only in rare cases. Many cables connected into a circuit will overheat it and it can quickly cause the fire;
  • Do not place electric cables under the carpet, paths or furnishing and do not stick them in the wall;
  • Do not place electric cables in such way that they pass through the doors and under the carpet, because someone may step on it and this may cause electrical shock;
  • Do not place anything on TV and do not cover it, because it can heat up and cause fire;
  • Do not place household electrical equipments near the sink;
  • Do not overload the plugs by inserting many devices on it. By disconnecting the equipments not in use, it is avoided the danger from electrical shocks and fires that can be caused from this phenomenon;
  • Make sure that each plug has a cover to avoid the contact;
  • Never leave the electrical lamps without bulbs, replace them once they are burned;
  • During major storms (lightning, babbling) do not use electrical devices; you can use the phone only if it is an emergency. Do not do a bath or shower;
  • Make sure that your house has lightning rods according to standards.

Security from electricity out of house

Find tips and instructions on how to protect yourself from electricity and how to prevent accidents that may occur outside the home:

  • Avoid planting trees under electrical conductors;
  • Before you start any work when using stairs or frameworks, look carefully for conductors and electric poles;
  • Stairs and long objects always keep them in horizontal position;
  • It is recommended that stairs be of wood or any insulating material;
  • Do not burn waste under electric conductors and near electric poles;
  • Any cable or electrical conductor you encounter anywhere, in any way, do not touch, because it may be under electrical voltage! Stay away and do not let others approach;
  • Do not use electrical equipment outside when it's raining, always when you use them outside the home you should wear shoes and to make sure they are dried;
  • If you plan to dig in your garden, then make sure that there are no underground electrical cables. If you suspect that they may be, call our phone numbers and our teams will verify where the electric cables are located, if there are cables;
  • If you see a pole fallen or broken, because of the risk, stay at least 5 meters away and inform as soon as possible the case to our phone numbers;
  • If you install the outlets in the garden, they must be adequate to the external environment.
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