Requests, how to accomplish?
Customer requests and instructions to accomplish them

Dear Customers,

All of you who are customers of KESCO J.S.C may file a request for various services, depending on your needs. KESCO’s staff will try to deal with these requests as soon as possible, while obeying the legislation in force, under which KESCO is operating.

You may submit all of your requests, by completing the form at the customer service premises. The other way is to send your request electronically through an e-mail to, or through the web-page under YOUR IDEA.

Below you may found some of the types of requests that you can file at customer service offices and the instructions to implement them.
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Registration of new customer in KESCO J.S.C

In order to be registered as a new customer, you should show up at the Customer Service premises and fill in the application for the new connection. You should carry with you the identification document. Commercial customers should bring as well the business registration. The technical approval shall be done by KESCO teams. Then you shall prepare the request for connection and sign the contract for electricity supply.

KESCO shall conduct the connection of customer metering point within 48 hours from the moment of receiving the request for connection.

Afterwards, the customer will have the legal status and may gain all the rights according to the contract signed for electricity supply.

Aplication of new customer
Contract of electricity supply for household customers
Contract of electricity supply for commercial customers


Change of ownership; respectively change of the name in the account card

Every change of data of electricity user within the facility of metering point must be reported to KESCO J.S.C. This means that the user, who pretends to be a future customer, must show up in the premises of KESCO J.S.C and bring the documentation as follows. In case of property trade, one of the actions that the future customer should do is also checking the liabilities of that metering point against KESCO J.S.C. So, a transaction card should be provided in which does not figure any debt to KESCO. In order to change the name of the customer, new contract should be signed for electricity supply. While to change the name the following documents are required:

When the owner is changed-sell and buy
-Customer request to change the name,
-Copy of the sell and buy contract verified in court,
-Invoice- the payment that proves the debt is entirely paid.

When the customer requests to change the name with other family members, it is required:
-Customer request to change the name,
-Family certificate and the statement from the previous customer (current), that he/she wants to change the name in the account card by free will,
-Invoice- the payment that proves that the debt is entirely paid.

When the existing customer gives the facility for rent, it is required:
-Leaseholder request to change the name,
-Property certificate of facility,
-Copy of the contract for renting the facility,
-Business certificate of leaseholder if the facility is given for rent for commercial activity,
-Invoice – payment that proves that the debt is entirely paid.

When the customer registered passes away, it is required :
-Request of member of family of the customer that passed away to change the name,
-Family and death certificate,
-Invoice- payment that proves that the debt is entirely paid.


Meter replacement, metering point

-Written request of the customer on the reason of meter replacement. The form can be provided from KESCO premises.
-Invoice- payment that proves that the debt is entirely paid.


Closing the account/activate the account closed

While you were consuming electricity in a facility and have been registered as a customer, and in meantime you are not consuming the electricity anymore (no need), in order to stop the billing (only taxes) further on and to close the card, to inactivate, You should act as below:

-You should come to Customer Service premises; file a written request for inactivating the metering point and closing the account, respectively for disconnecting electricity supply,
-Fee for disconnection service,
-Invoice- the payment that proves that the debt is entirely paid.

Aplication of closing an account ×

Changing the tariff group from the household customer into commercial customer and vice versa

Changing the tariff group is done with the request of customer which should be filed on Customer Service premises. Every change of activity of facility should be reflected with the change of energy tariffs. With change of activity it is understood the change of customer status from household to commercial and vice versa, due to increase or decrease of electrical power engaged in the facility.


Request for meter inspection

Each customer can prepare a request for inspection of the metering point. In order to implement this request the customer should submit the written request to Customer Service premises. The authorized teams of KESCO will conduct an inspection at the required term.

This service is with charge and the customer card could be charged with 10 € fee plus VAT.


Request for principal or general technical approval

Potential customer before initiating the construction of the facility in which he plans to consume electricity, must ask for principal technical approval. At the moment the customer gets the municipal permit for construction, should request for principal technical approval for electricity supply.
KESCO’s teams in both cases shall go at the place of event and provide the answer if the potential customer can be supplied or not with electricity. If yes, then a technical solution should be given on how to provide the electricity supply.


Request for re-sealing

Each customer that for various reasons has removed the seal from the metering point is obliged to report at KESCO for re-sealing of the metering point. The request for re-sealing is prepared at Customer Service premises and the customer card may be charged with a value of 10 € plus VAT.


Request for re-connection

The customer who is disconnected from the network for various reasons and requires to be re-connected into electricity supply network, KESCO J.S.C will re-connect his/her facility not later than two days, after the request is made. Which means that the customer has fulfilled the conditions for re-connection, including the cases when the customer has paid the amount of bills according to the Rule on General Terms of Energy Supply, has signed an agreement with the company, or has accomplished the required action that was a reason for disconnection.