Complaints, how to resolve them

Complaints, how to resolve them

If you think that there are irregularities made with regards to the electricity bills (or in your account card), from KESCO J.S.C, then You can submit a complaint at the Customer Service premises, by specifying your complaint as bellow:

How to file a complaint?

Step 1. Show up at the Customer Service offices or download from the web-page the customer complaint form.
Step 2. Fill in the data on the customer.
Step 3. Place the tick (click into the shadowed box) to specify the type of complaint.
Step 4 Indicate any data that might assist you to get the most correct way of reviewing your complaint.  
Step 5. Sign the form and place the data in the complaint form.
Step 6.   By attaching the supporting documents that can assist you to get the most correct review of the complaint, send the form to the nearest office of KESCO. During the submission, ask from the official sitting at the customer service office to provide you with a green card that proves that you have filed a complaint.

The other way is to send the complaint electronically to, or through the web-page under YOUR IDEA.

In all the districts and sub districts of KESCO there are suggestion boxes in which, you dear customers can place the suggestions, requests, appraisals or complaints regarding our services and behavior of KESCO’s J.S.C employees.

Below you may found some of the types of compalins that you can file at customer service:

B1 - Unregistered payment

If the customer notices that the payment is not registered in his account the customer should show up at Customer Service premises at KESCO J.S.C to file a complaint by attaching the customer invoice-payment and other proves.

B2 - Outstanding balance not correct

During data transfer an error has been made.

B3 - Irregular received bills

If your bills are not submitted regularly or you do not receive them at all, report this to KESCO J.S.C to avoid from happening in future. 

B4 - Incorrectly charged over the limit

If you are charged with over limit due to reading or billing errors.

B5 - Change flat rate billing

For a certain time you have been charged with the flat rate, without metering, but now you have placed a meter and would like to be billed according to the metering.

B6 - Incorrect reading

You meter was not read as you are billed, with kilo-watts that you have not consumed.

B7 - Irregular reading

The meter that registers the energy consumed is not read regularly, month by month, and you have the kilowatts hours collected only in one bill. 

B8 - Incorrect meter measuring

If the customer suspects that the meter makes the inaccurate metering the customer should show up at KESCO premises and file a complaint. 

B9 - Debt write-off request (HPD or Court decision)

B91 - The company is privatized and in the customer card of the privatized company exists a debt that belongs to the old company, you would like to write off the debt and change the name, and you bring in all the required documents of privatization process and the data of your business.

B92 - According to a court decision, KESCO J.S.C is obliged to write off a debt in your account card, you should show up at the premises with all the required documentation.

B93 - You have a property that was occupied by different occupants and the accumulated debt from the occupant is not yours. You should show up at KESCO J.S.C premises and bring with you the documentation issued by Kosovo Property Agency, which proves that your property was occupied. You received the keys to your property from a certain date and you are requiring writing off the consumption up to that date. Undisputed debt should be paid.   

B10 - Disconnect without notification

If you are disconnected from the electricity supply network without notification you should show up at KESCO premises with your statement requiring to know why you have not been notified.

B11 - Other complains

If you have a complaint and none of the above specifications are convenient to you, then write your request with words.

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